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Stack of Credit Cards

Keep Your Auto-Renewals Continous with the Credit Card Updater.

With Auto-Renewal becoming a staple in the subscription industry, it’s now become vital for publishers to keep their subscriber’s billing information updated with the latest details. ESP now offers its clients a simple and easy way to keep all subscriber’s credit card information up-to-date using the Credit Card Updater.

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Tablet with graphs

The Evolution of Subscription Processing Integration– Announcing EZ-Integration.

ESP is offering a new and improved way for your site to integrate with the customer database at ESP. We call it EZ-Integration. This new service allows integration with only a few lines of code added to your CMS. It’s easy to set up and maintains functionalities such as a new subscription page, a renewal page, or even to create a paywall.

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Blue AI Chatbot

Enhance the Customer Service Experience with our new AI Chatbot.

Otherwise known as our Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chatbot.  The ESP Chatbot can provide personalized interactions to your subscribers 24x7x365 without human interaction.  Help subscribers get updated information, direct them to new offers and ensure they are completely satisfied after their customer service contact all from the home page of your site.

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How a Paywall Can Benefit Your Product.

Your web page is already popular with your subscribers, you have people already coming to your site on a regular basis, then it’s likely that they’ll pay to see your content.

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Auto-Renewal and Monthly Payments:          The Perfect Mix.

Auto-Renewal has become a staple in the circulation industry.  Maybe it’s because more and more of the bills we pay now are electronic and automatic.  Or maybe it’s the “millennial” influence.

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