We focus on streamlining the setup process and maintaining your cash flow during the transition. We utilize our business partners to speed up the process, ensuring a smooth migration.

Our expertise in paid subscription fulfillment and commitment to service is what sets us apart. We automate processes, save you money and treat every subscriber as a precious commodity. We also handle the hard jobs that many lettershops don’t want to touch. We do gift and donor jobs, or attached mailings. This speaks to our flexibility and technology and years of experience.

Our generic forms for standard billing and renewal efforts are optimized for our procedures, eliminating inventory issues. For more details, visit https://www.pubservice.com/forms.html.

Our job tracking system allows you to monitor the quality and progress of your print job. Plus, we maintain our equipment rigorously to ensure it’s always in top condition.

Yes, please follow the specifications listed here: https://www.pubservice.com/forms.html.

Pricing varies based on quantity and form size. Contact us for a custom quote.
Our standard service is 5-7 business days. During holiday periods, it may extend to 7-10 business days.
Yes, we ensure these efforts are set up and tested well in advance.

Yes – we handle attached mailings. These are typically much more difficult than a regular mailing as the statement is “attached” to the magazine. This saves you postage and also presents the statement to the customer/subscriber with their issue. Often resulting in higher response rates.

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