“Modern Drummer Publication has been with Publisher’s Data Management Group for over 4 years. Bill, Al, Rob, and the entire team made what could have been a nightmare in changing fulfillment houses a very pleasant experience. PDMG’s reporting and programming met all of Modern Drummer’s needs. On a personal note, the entire PDMG team’s passion for what they do is evident in every call and email both to the client as well as the customers. Modern Drummer subscribers are treated professionally and cordially. I would suggest a visit to their facility. We did and I can assure you that you will be convinced that if you are shopping for a subscription fulfillment house, PDMG is your answer.”

Tracy Kearns, Associate Publisher, Modern Drummer Publications, Inc.

“Publishers Data Management Group is what fulfillment service should be. They give us personal service, clever and imaginative solutions, and marketing strategies that work. At SAILING Magazine we have improved the quality of our customer service at all levels. More efficient mailings have improved response levels saving us money. Customer satisfaction levels are higher, there are no call centers and scripts. Customer inquiries are handled by staff members who know our magazine and provide effective solutions. PDMG brings ideas to us, constantly striving to improve our business. Their approach to technology is fresh and challenging: “can’t do that” is not an option. They’ll create a way. At PDMG, SAILING matters, and that’s important to me.”


“We have worked with Publishers’ Data Management Group for more than seven years. We have developed a close working relationship, which has been vital to the members of our organization. Their promptness and precise reporting has assisted in managing the subscriptions with greater ease. Their communication is courteous and professional at all times. PDMG has assisted in upgrading the delivery of our monthly publication greatly. The passion and professionalism shown by all their employees is exemplary. I would highly recommend them as the perfect fulfillment house for any needs, large or small. ”

Mary Jean Wesche Editor, Mustang Club of America Pate Marketing Group

“The Progressive converted to PDMG (ESP) from a larger fulfillment house last year. Our conversion was complete in a few days and was glitch free. They got the file on a Friday, and by Tuesday we had approved all of the counts and were live. As a medium-sized publisher, we now get the kind of personal service we need. We know the names of everyone on staff. We know who answers the phone, who opens the mail, and who produces the reports. The whole staff is experienced, smart, and easy to work with. This makes all the difference for us and for our customers.”

Maribeth Batcha, THE PROGRESSIVE

“Nancy Sommer, I wanted to compliment you on having such a great employee in Nancy! She has been extremely helpful as we worked with the data for The Washington Spectator. She replied quickly and thoroughly to every question I had, and displayed great “customer service” skills. We don’t always take time to compliment someone, but in this case I felt it was very justified!”

Patsy Meile, Director, Member Services Wiland Direct

“PDMG (ESP) is the most responsive and accessible fulfillment team I’ve worked with during my 25 years in the publishing industry. From data entry to top management, each person has consistently demonstrated a dedication to the success of our publication. They put in whatever effort is necessary to achieve our goals, even if that means putting in weekends during the conversion, working through a snowstorm for a website launch, or emailing while on vacation in Florida to make a file deadline. ”

Betty Russell, Consultant Acme Publishing Services