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Digital and print subscriptions live together

It doesn’t matter what media you deliver your content on. We support it.


Subscription Fulfillment and Processing Services

We Support All Subscription Types

ESP Computer Services provides complete subscription fulfillment for AAM, BPA and VAC publications both domestic and international, as well as newspapers and newsletters, both online and print. Our system supports paid, controlled and combined files (with publication frequencies ranging from dailies and weeklies to monthlies and quarterlies) with file sizes from 500 to 1,000,000+. We offer a full range of direct marketing services including maintenance of prospect lists, merge/purge and lettershop as well as substantive product fulfillment and other ancillary services as needed.

In addition to handling traditional print publications ESP offers real-time access and paywall management for web access, site licenses, digital publications and online newsletters as well as back-end support such as email deployment and its corresponding reporting.  ESP fulfills membership and association files.  You don't need to be a publisher or a print magazine to be able to utilize our services.

Efficiency All transactions are processed in the most efficient manner possible.

ESP offers: 

  • Complete cage and cashiering with daily reconciliation of deposits, accounts receivable and subscriber liability. We balance to the penny daily.

  • All transactions are applied in real time. File totals and record counts are continuously updated to reflect transactions as they are applied and are available. (This is especially helpful to circulators as they build toward the optimal analyzed issue file.)

  • All transactions are processed as soon after receipt as possible resulting in the most up-to-date label pulls and list rental selections.

  • Utilization of account numbers rather than match codes results in more accurate transaction processing.

  • Strong independent auditing down to the customer service representative/data entry clerk level.

  • Personalized "group subscription" management.

  • Flexible auto-renew capabilities

Product Fulfillment Services

ESP offers complete product fulfillment including the generation of billing and renewal notices. We take the order, bank the money and ship the product all within 24 hours. Tired of those fulfillment houses that can't balance your bank deposits to receipts entered? Look no further, ESP will balance your receipts to the penny. Do you sell time-sensitive products that your customers want quickly? No problem. We offer Federal-express, UPS, and Airborne Express delivery overnight. Orders received by 2:00pm are shipped by 6:00pm the same business day. 

Order Entry

Of course we all want to process orders in the most efficient way, but for efforts that still require manual data entry, ESP has staff that can process media manually.

Web Services

ESP is proud to offer on-line customer service. Subscribers can log in to your website and process their own address changes, check expire dates, last payment received, etc. and even renew on-line. This will decrease the cost you pay in customer service and mail expenses and also increase the speed with which changes get applied to your file. With our exciting webhooks integrations, you can host the pages on your domain or we can host the pages for you on our secure servers. We give you options. 

As a publisher, your fulfillment company is an important partner in keeping your subscribers satisfied. ESP has been there for us! Their staff, from upper management, understanding all of our needs and being able to allow us to grow and stay current with technology to our account executive, Melissa Short, who is always there to question what and how things are done and making it better. Last, but not least, the customer service team, making sure our subscribers are serviced and satisfied. ESP worked with us to create a seamless integration between our paywall and our subscriber base, which opened up an entirely new revenue source for us. If you are searching for a fulfillment company, you need to check out ESP.
— Tracy Kearns, Associate Publisher, Modern Drummer Publications, Inc.