Membership Support

ESP views its ability to handle memberships as a true strength. We can handle memberships as a separate “subscription file” so that it can earn and defer differently than the “magazine file,” or we can combine them into one file. If separate files we can output and combine labels from both files. If an association is serving a periodical publication to a subset of its members, there are some real cost savings to using one file. ESP has the ability to earn and defer income on one schedule, but run the subscriber label file on a different schedule. For example, all members could earn income every weekday…and thus could expire on any day, but a traditional label job could be run on a monthly basis. Members and subscribers can be split out on essential reports, just like print can be differentiated from digital editions.

A quick hit list of ESP capabilities in the membership arena includes:

  • Subscribers and members can be stored in the same publication database, saving the publisher money.
  • Subscribers and members can be differentiated for reporting and query purposes.
  • Subscriptions and memberships can be sold on the same web pages.
  • Single sign-on logs into membership and/or subscription record.
  • Subscription and/or membership data can be integrated with 3rd party marketing systems.
  • Membership benefits can be executed via new restful, JSON API’s
  • Discounts on product purchases
  • Event registration discounts
  • Event registration discounts
  • Content access
  • No advertisement web pages
  • …and whatever else our membership client can dream up

Non-Profit / Donation Support

At ESP we can collect donations for your non-profit company and keep those donations separate from your subscription monies. We can take those donations via check or credit card, in the mail or online. On your customer’s history page, you’ll be able to see both donation and subscription activity. Even more, we can collect a donation from a subscriber or non-subscriber, and we can add an optional donation to a subscription price, or take it as a stand alone donation. Donors will see a confirmation page and can be sent a confirmation/receipt via email customizable to your liking. Finally, we can set up that donation to be recurring on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.