Membership Support

ESP views its ability to handle memberships as a strength. Unlike other systems, our advanced database is designed to give you full control of your membership audience. Our interactive query tools and reports make it easy to differentiate members from subscribers, opening up multiple marketing opportunities for any brand. You can separate your memberships from the typical “subscription file,” or if desired, both subscribers and members can be stored in the same publication database.

Our membership support doesn’t stop there. You can create additional cost savings by offering subscriptions and memberships on the same web page. You can also create easy single sign-on options for your subscriber and membership consumers. Integrate your subscription or membership database with other third-party marketing systems via our EZ-Integration, which uses restful JSON API. Our system also allows your members to take advantage of discounts on separate product or event ticket purchases.

Membership Support

Non-Profit / Donation Support

At ESP, you can collect donations for your non-profit company and keep those donations separate from your subscription payments. Our system allows you to accept those donations via check or credit card; in the mail or online. You’ll be able to see both donation and subscription activity on your customer’s history page. We can also collect a donation from a subscriber or non-subscriber. We can even add an optional donation to a subscription price or take it as a stand-alone donation. Donors will see a confirmation page and can be sent a confirmation receipt via email, customizable to your liking. Finally, we can set up that donation to be recurring on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.