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ESP Computer Services, Inc. (“ESP”) provides full service subscription and membership fulfillment as well as ancillary product fulfillment for magazines, newspapers, and newsletters. ESP’s interactive real-time system supports paid, controlled, and combined files. ESP’s strength is in paid subscription fulfillment, especially for publishing clients with complex or unique needs.  ESP excels in servicing subscription products with high-frequency, mixed circulation, gatekeeping requirements, and/or sophisticated web components.

Multiple Sites

ESP has 3 locations in California, North Hollywood, Hawthorne and Palmdale, plus another site in Northern Illinois.  In order to recruit the best possible talent ESP also has several seasoned Account Executives working remotely. 


Mission Statement

Our mission statement today is nearly the same as it was decades ago ago: "To provide customized solutions designed to meet each client’s unique business requirement." We constantly strive to exceed our client's expectations in terms of service and we take great pride in our well-documented capability to learn enough about each client’s business dynamics that we soon become a valued partner.

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Expertise and Capabilities


ESP is customer-focused and customer-driven, providing high levels of service, both to subscribers and publishers. ESP is recognized by clients for its responsiveness, flexibility, comprehensive capabilities, and delivery of quality service. ESP has always been on the forefront of high tech, offering gatekeeping services, hosting of digital editions, , query tools, dashboards and sophisticated marketing and business reporting.  ESP also provides an easy-to-use, web-based customer service interface for its clients’ customers so they can find the answers they need at any time of the day. As part of our full service, ESP provides courteous on-site customer service representatives who are available from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time.

ESP utilizes a combination local area network (“LAN”) / wide area network ("WAN") to share data among its employees. The IT data center is located at the North Hollywood facility and is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to authorized ESP personnel. ESP uses internal IT expertise and has established and follows internal business and IT policies and procedures to support its daily IT administration and service operation. We are PCI DSS Level 3 compliant and are also SSAE18 audited.

In addition to all of the "standard" services you would get from a Fulfillment Service Bureau ESP offers these additional capabilities.

Customer Service from anywhere at anytime
Of course we support self-service for you subscribers. We allow your subscribers to view information about their accounts, update their address information and order subscriptions through our secure web server. We also allow you to utilize a customer service view so you can perform administrative functions on your subscribers. That way you can feel empowered to solve problems immediately, or if you’d like you can run customer service out of your office. It’s up to you. We give you the flexibility.

E-Commerce Support via API integration
ESP can receive orders directly from your web server and update your subscriber database or process that product order. Your orders can be automatically processed and shipped within hours.

We understand paid subscription fulfillment
Use our auto-renewal program to retain subscribers and ensure a consistent subscription revenue stream. Additionally, via Cybersource, ESP offers the ability to update card numbers and expire dates for those auto-renewing customers who have a new card since their last renewal.  

Secure Access to Reports via the Internet 
We offer direct access to all your fulfillment reports on-line at no cost to you. Check and review reports, or run ad-hoc reports and queries any time you wish for daily updates on your promotion responses, current circulation numbers, etc. and know exactly where you stand to make those important decisions.

Real-Time System 
Since ESP is a real-time system, unlike other fulfillment companies, what you see is what is currently on the file, not some batch that was processed weeks ago. This helps you make up-to-date informed decisions. When a customer subscribes online, ESP’s live database is updated, and the customer is assigned their permanent account number.  This is presented to the customer in an order confirmation page and emailed to them for their records.  When selling digital editions or access, this is critical, because the customer can immediately access the content to which they just subscribed.  Customers are NOT given temporary access while they wait for an unseen batch update to establish their permanent access and account number.

Integrating your subscription database with a larger marketing database?…no problem!  That can be done in real-time as well.

Responsive Service 
At ESP we know the meaning of Service. Contact us for references, we'll be happy to provide a list of satisfied customers.

Financial Accountability 
At ESP our financial reports balance to the penny. What gets deposited in the bank is what is on your reports. We know how to run a tight ship.

Key Benefits 
Watch your circulation change as orders are entered. Watch your receipts grow as they are being entered. Information is always up-to-date.

All of these advantages and capabilities help you do your job better. Please contact ESP today!




In addition to handling Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) Publications our real time system also allows us to specialize in publications with unique distribution requirements such as dailies and weeklies with intermixed mail and alternate delivery. Publishers and alternate delivery vendors have access to update delivery data. We also support exceptional dispatch for mailed copies and centralized postage payment (CPP).

Superior Customer Service
The hidden value of ESP lies in our highly specialized customer service staff. Our customer service representatives are extensively trained to deal with high-maintenance subscribers. Our CSR’s have vast experience in providing meaningful one-on-one service to the customer. Almost all of our clients offer some sort of digital version, and our CSR's are adept at walking customers through the login process and otherwise assisting customers having trouble with access.  Customer service inquiries received via email from subscribers are checked and responded to throughout the day. Orders are checked for existing subscriptions as they are entered into the system and while the subscriber is still on the phone so duplicates are kept to a minimum.

ESP is proud to offer an array of online, customer self-service features. Subscribers can log in to your website and process their own address changes, check expire date or last payment received, put their subscription on vacation hold, purchase a gift, and of course, renew online. This will decrease the cost you pay in 800 # and business reply mail expenses and increase the speed with which changes get applied to your file.




Internal and Independent Auditing

ESP works continuously to ensure that all financial and information controls are in place for the safekeeping of your data and business transactions. To do so requires a comprehensive program to audit our operations and systems, networks, credit card transactions and other financial controls.

The ESP SSAE18 SOC audit (Service Organization Control audit) entails hundreds of hours of internal review by ESP personnel as well as validation by independent external and internal auditors. ESP documents financial and IT controls, and tests selected controls, identified as significant or material to operations, to ensure they work properly. An independent auditor validates the reported results, completing an independent verification of the controls through testing and reports on any weaknesses.

PCI Compliance

ESP is compliant with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) scan requirement. PCI Compliance is meant to insure that proper security is maintained over cardholder data. The audit conforms to the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards. Audits are in place to ensure the safety of our clients’ data as well as to ensure the fiscal and technological responsibility of the company. ESP evaluates on an ongoing basis additional security software and hardware appliances, and polices, procedures and practices for deployment that will complement our security measures currently in place.